As a composer, I studied with Gerald Levinson at Swarthmore College and participated in summer festivals including the Etchings Festival (2016), University of Nebraska—Lincoln Chamber Music Institute (2015), Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival (2014), Bowdoin International Music Festival (2014, 2013), and Yellow Barn Music School and Festival Young Artists Program (2012, 2011, 2010). My compositions have been performed by groups such as the ECCE Ensemble, Junction Saxophone Quartet, Swarthmore College Orchestra, Harlow Ensemble, and Sonoran String Quartet. Here are a few recordings:

Ceremony of the Distilled Orange Mist [flute, saxophone] 2014 listen

Horizon Vine Plasticity [saxophone quartet] 2013 listen

Pigeon Circles [piano trio] 2017 listen

Unity of Question [string quartet] 2015 listen

We Are Geese Absorbed Into the Thirsty Sky [clarinet, violin, cello, piano] 2014 listen

Limestone Emerges, Mirror of Compression Stripes [piano quintet] 2012
 I. Ink Drop Unlayers the Glass Labyrinth listen
 II. Graphite Silhouette is the Haze Onion listen
 III. The Redirection Core Unflaked listen

Lavender Echoes Over-Under the Invisible Opaque [violin, piano] 2011
 I. Purple Wave Petal Smithereen listen
 II. Dr. Eggplant’s Quasi-Elastic Aquafloratorium listen