I provide computer science tutoring and coaching, with an emphasis on programming for data science, Python programming, and data structures/algorithms. I also do some lessons in Java, C++, and R.

My approach to teaching computer science is informed by my experience completing a major in computer science and using computational techniques in my research, plus a recognition that different people learn in different ways.

Currently, my students include graduate and undergraduate computer science students at schools such as UC Berkeley, Rice University, and Michigan State University, as well as working professionals at companies including Boeing and Google who are looking to learn new coding skills or move into more coding-intensive roles. I also enjoy working with students of all ages who are learning to program for the first time.

I do virtual lessons! (In fact, I’m only doing virtual lessons right now.) I’d be happy to talk with you to answer any questions or come up with a plan to help you meet your learning goals, so feel free to get in touch.